Monthly Archives: June 2014

Well, here I am (on the left), talking to a customer about Embellished Charms jewelry items, at the Montrose Craft Faire.  We were blessed with sun,  although a little warm, but a slight breeze to cool us down.  It was a fun weekend!  I found that customers really liked my teapot, music, animal and skull earrings for the young girls, were the most popular.  The other item that was very popular was my hand painted angel wings pendant, with semi precious stones.  I had wonderful support from friends in the area!


Contemporary Craft Show in Pasadena

I went with my friend, Nancy, to the Contemporary Arts and Crafts Show in Pasadena, at the Pasadena Convention Center.  I was very impressed with the art!  The artists are very creative and professional in their presentation.  I got ideas for booth presentation and my own art.  We had a great time!  I’m really glad we went!