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I love taking white rose lace and turning it into pink roses with green leaves!  It is really enjoyable to paint with satin and glitter acrylic paint.  I also formed the ear wires, using silver filled 20 gauge wire.  There are pink 6 mm Swarovski crystals on the ear wires, also.

I made a pair for myself and wore them with my pink and red blouse on Valentine’s Day.  The earrings are larger than I usually wear, but they were so colorful and light, that I really enjoyed wearing them.  More fun to come!

IMG_1225                              IMG_1246

Hi!   I love angels and angel wings.  In fact, I have an angel collection at home. I hand painted these Tibetan silver angel wings a peach color on both sides.  I also added some Apricot Gilder’s Paste.  Gilder’s Paste is really fun to work with!  You can use a brush to apply it like paint. Or, you can even use your fingers to apply it.  You might want to try it sometime. I gave a little sparkle to the roses, and painted the leaves green.  I found just the right peach faceted glass beads to go with the angel wings.  I wire wrapped the peach beads with silver filled wire.  Silver plated bead spacers and sterling silver ear wires add an extra touch of class.

IMG_1131       IMG_1139

You can see these earrings and other new additions to my shop on  Search for EmbellishedCharms.  Here is the link:

Hi!  I have been working on lace earrings, lately.  I love the idea that I can paint the white lace any color I want to.  I’m having fun with painting various colors.  I love to use regular acrylic paint, along with satin and glitter paint. A “stiffener” is added first.  The paint gives further stiffness. A varnish is added at the end.  I even created my own ear wires this time, with matching seed beads on the ear wires, too.  The lace earrings are light to wear, also.

Below are the first two lace earrings that I have made.  If you would like to see various camera views of these earrings, go to my store on  Here is the address:  Look for the pictures of these earrings.

If you would like to see a tutorial of how I make lace earrings, please sign on the contact form below.  I’d love to share my technique with you!



New Store on

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been working on my new Embellished Charms store on  I plan to add new items there all the time.  The items you see there, now, are just the beginning of the items to be seen there. There will be at least 100 items!  I’m giving you the address, below.  When you go there,  so that you can keep track of me, be sure to “follow” the store, or “favorite” the store.  I’ll be adding new items every one or two days or a while.  I have been working on lace earrings, lately.  I will tell you about them in my next blog entry.  If you would like to see a tutorial about any of my items, please let me know, below.  I plan to start adding tutorials to my blog.

If you forget the link to my store at Etsy, please go to my “Links” page, as it will be there.  Remember, I love custom orders!  You can order items for yourself or gifts for others there.

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