Tea Anyone?

Hi! Everybody,  How is your summer going?  I went to a lovely place that served tea and sandwiches.  I didn’t see any teapot or teacup Blue elongated teapot earrings blue and white necklace and matching teapot earrings orange and pink elongated teapot earrings teapot earrings - greenearrings or necklaces in their gift shop, so I started designing some.  The earrings below are just a few of the teapot/teacup earrings I have designed.  I will be putting several of them on-line to sell, as well as contacting other tea gift shops to see if they would like to put them in their stores.  As always, I enjoy my work when the “creativity juices” are flowing! IMG_0130 IMG_0133 We’ve got polka dot pots and green tea in porcelain teacupsIMG_0683


with regular tea in cups. Write me whether you like coffee or tea (cold or hot).