Easter is so close, now. It has made me think about bunnies and chickies.  (I know, what is Easter all about, anyway?)  So, I decided to make some Easter Bunny earrings.  The ones shown here are made from lace appliqués.  I hand painted them, and then made earrings out of them.  They are very light to wear!

That is a lobster connector, at the top of the rabbit, which connects the Easter bunny to the ear wire.  I did some research to find them.  They are good connectors for thick material, such as appliqués.  The lobster connector grabs the material.  A little hammering helps to keep it connected.  Some lace material is easy to connect with just a jump ring, as I did in a couple other of my lace earrings.

Anyway, have a great spring season!  I’ve made some other items I’ll be sharing about soon.  Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you about what kind of jewelry you like, and if you’ve been making anything.

You can find other items that I have made at:  http://etsy.com/shop/embellishedcharms