Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is “EmbellishedCharms.com?” Embellished Charms are jewelry pieces made by Carol Burton. There are earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry is made using charms with a theme, such as nature, music, hearts, angels, animals, teapots, skulls, etc. The charms are made into jewelry and embellished in some way, such as being hand painted. I love designing and wire wrapping cabochons, along with wrapping natural, raw stones.Embellishedcharms.com is under the company, “Lyrical Levity Records,” which is the music company of, Carol Burton. The CD, “As One,” was produced under this company. Carol Burton loves to expand her creativity to various outlets. Jewelry is one of her favorite creative outlets.
  1. Can Embellished Charms jewelry be purchased? Yes. If you see something you like on the blog, or website, the item can be purchased, if still available. If there is no price on the item, Carol Burton will help you with the pricing, shipping, etc. There are over 130 items in my etsy shop. Check out my etsy mini shop, or go directly to my etsy shop: www.embellishedcharms.etsy.com.  Or, if you would like a custom order made, contact Carol.
  1. Is there an “Embellished Charms” store? No, Carol has a studio in the San Gabriel Valley within the Los Angeles area in CA. Appointments can be made for local customers to go to her studio. Write carol.embellishedcharms@gmail.com, or call her at (626) 278-5460 for more information.
  1. Are Carol Burton’s embellished charms in stores? Carol has her jewelry in several specialty stores. The jewelry is mainly sold on-line, and at an occasional arts and craft show.
  1. What is the jewelry made from? The ear wires are made from sterling silver, unless otherwise requested, such as surgical steel or a clip-on or screw-on variety. Sterling silver wire is used for wire wrapping cabochons and raw stones. Copper and brass wire is also utilized, especially for wall hangings. Metal charms are made from Tibetan Silver or pewter. Semi-precious stones, glass beads, crystals and lucite beads are also included in jewelry pieces. Silver plated beads and clasps are also utilized at times. Seashells of various kinds are used in the wall hangings.
  1. How long before the order is shipped? If the item is already made and ready to go, the order will be shipped out within one to three days. Depending on the complexity of a custom order, it may take three days to two weeks.
  1. How are the items shipped out? The items are shipped out by United States Postal Service First Class Mail. Priority Mail is also used to ship orders. A tracking number is sent to each customer when shipped.