The following are comments from customers.

Hi Carol,  I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the blue angel wing pendant I bought from you.  I thought it was a stunning piece of art the moment I saw it.  I wore it the day after I purchased it and I received so many compliments! It is actually hanging on my bedroom wall as “art” when it is not around my neck.  Just wanted to share that with you. Thanks for creating it.  Hoberleigh  6/25/14


I purchased a pair of Orange Tree of Life earrings. I have been inspired to connect with the environment and I have felt much more spiritual while wearing them. Not only are they beautiful but they are comfortable to wear.    Katie Hildebrandt  7/3/14

Tree of Life necklaces and earrings.  Katie purchased the tree of life earrings in the top right.
Tree of Life necklaces and earrings – Katie purchased a custom set of large, orange and sparkly, hand painted earrings.

Carol uses the best quality  materials, and her artistic ability shines through.  I’m fortunate to have 2 necklaces created by Carol.  I love them!   Sandy Rodriguez  9/08/14

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Carol makes unusual, spiritual, funny jewelry. I am wearing a pair of earrings she made right now. I have several pieces of her jewelry. She puts a lot of love into everything she does.