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Hi! Happy New Year Everybody!

I have a friend up north who actually built a small dinosaur museum in her backyard. She has purchased fossils and dinosaur bones from many places. She has labeled everything in her museum. It was quite an accomplishment. I was amazed at her organization when I visited her.

When I went to Tucson last year, I purchased several dinosaur bone cabochons. I planned to wrap one for my friend, Pam. I did wrap one for her as a Christmas gift. Here it is below. She loves the pendant and the copper wire and necklace! So, I’m glad I made it for her.

Dinosaur Bone Fossil with Copper Wire and Necklace

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Custom Wire Wrapped Cabochons

I’ve been having a great time designing custom wire wrapped cabochons for people! They pick the cabochon and the beads and/or charms that are part of the design. I have many beautiful cabochons and beads for my customers to choose from. I make the pendant by wire wrapping the cabochon in sterling silver. Here are two examples:

Wire Wrapped Labradorite Cabochon Pendant
Wire Wrapped Labradorite Cabochon
Wire Wrapped Chevron Amethyst Pendant
Wire Wrapped Chevron Amethyst Pendant

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Sonora Sunset Cabochon

I had a wonderful time at the International Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson! This show happens annually in Tucson. Gems, semi precious stones, rocks, fossils, beads, and other items are sold there. I’ve been wanting to go for years! I finally went there. I’m so glad I did! I learned some new techniques for my jewelry making. I took a couple of classes. One class was how to wrap a cabochon. A cabochon is a stone which is domed on one side and flat on the other. I had a delightful time shopping for cabochons in Tucson! I found beautiful ones all over Tucson. They were all hand-picked by me. I will have plenty to do this year with all the lovely cabochons I now have. I’m enjoying every moment of working with what I purchased in Tucson!

One of my favorite stones is Sonora Sunset, which is also called, Sonora Sunrise. This gorgeous gemstone material is from the Millpillas Mine in Sonora Mexico. I have several pieces of this stone. This semi precious gemstone is made up of three main materials. The blue/green material is Chrysocolla, the red part is Cuprite, and the black material is Iron. The most complete pieces of this stone have all three materials. This cabochon below was wrapped for an order. This is the third cabochon I have wrapped. The person who bought this cabochon was very pleased with the results. I’m looking forward to doing more!

IMG_2084 IMG_2095