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Doggie Earrings

I love little doggies!  In fact, I have one of my own.  He is a Silky Terrier, named Toby.  I’m putting a picture of him on this page.  My brother and I took Toby to the beach dog park in Del Mar, CA.  Toby loved it!  He is standing there in the wet sand.  He loved all the smells of the ocean and beach!  He enjoyed meeting the other dogs, also.

Toby at dog beach

Having Toby in my life, inspired me to make some doggie earrings.  Here are three of them. What fun!  I have been asked by Rhodie at Doggie Depot, in Arcadia, CA, to put some of my earrings in her store.  I’m getting some ready, now, to put in the store.  By the way, Rhodie is an excellent dog clipper!  I’m so happy with the cut that she gave Toby!  I’ll be posting some other doggie earrings on my next post.


doggie1doggie 2